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The State Archives are peripheral organs of the Ministry of Heritage and Culture (Ministry of Culture).

They are located in every capital of the province with the task of:

  • store after payment (delivery mandatory State Archives)
  • archives produced by organs and offices of the pre-unification states;
  • documents relating to the business sold out for over forty years produced by the judiciary and state administration;
  • the archives of the notaries who stopped by the last centennio professional practice;
  • the archives of the suppressed state offices and public bodies extinct
  • preserving the archives received from public institutions as a result of loan or deposit, or by individuals as a result of loan, deposit, donation or purchase.
  • make available the archives.

The State Archive of Latina

The Law 2066/1939 completed the organization by providing for a national archival section of State archives in each province, but the onset of war and the urgency of reconstruction delayed in most cases the application of the standard. In Latina Section was formed in 1956 (dm June 12), but started its activity in 1958.

Currently, the State Archive of Latin, so called due to the archival law 1409/1963, preserving a wealth of documentary archives of 77 (almost 7,500 ml.)